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Deacon Ministry

 Deacons are servant-leaders who are elected by the membership of Fellowship Community Church.  Currently there are nine active Deacons.  The office of Deacon is rooted in Acts 6:1-7 when seven men were selected to wait tables serving the widows in the early church so that the apostles "did not neglect the ministry of the word".  The qualifications of Deacons are listed in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Duties assigned to Deacons serving in Fellowship Community Church are listed in the church's Deacon Guidelines.  Briefly, the Deacon Team is to be a serving body; not involved in administrative policy making, church operations or church management; ministry oriented; promoting harmony and unity; effectively share the plan of salvation; having a Christ-honoring reputation.  In addition, the Deacon Team has regular meetings in order to become equipped in various ministerial skills.  They serve as care group leaders formally known as Deacon Family Ministry.  They also oversee the allocation of the Deacon Benevolence Fund which is used to provide temporary financial assistance to needy church members and church friends.  They also assist with administration of Ordinances of Baptism and Lord's Supper.  

Church members and friends of Fellowship Community Church are encouraged to participate in the Deacon Family Ministry.  Families who are currently assigned to one of the Deacons should contact him should needs arise.  If you have not been assigned to a Deacon, please contact the Church office for assistance at 972-1555.

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